My Blindfold game with Coach Joe Lafornara - by Coach Sean Tobin.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

WELCOME TO OUR NEW BLOG - Your source for additional chess lessons and local chess news!

Hello everyone!

Thank you for having me back - I have a lot of fun chess activities planned for this Semester and I am looking forward to working with each of our bright young players. This blog is for all members of the Copper Creek Elementary, Mercury Mine Elementary and Sandpiper Elementary School Enrichment Program Chess Clubs. The clubs that I - Chess Coach Sean - am very happy to be teaching at!

Please check in on this website periodically as there will be new postings every week. This blog is meant to be a resource for the entire coach Sean ASCF Chess Community. You will find the games of our players posted here, Tactical Chess Puzzles, additional chess lessons and news about the local and National Scholastic Chess Communities. You may even see a few postings about some of the Professional - top level - players out there in the World on this blog as well.

Enjoy and as always make it a great day! - Coach Sean Tobin.

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