My Blindfold game with Coach Joe Lafornara - by Coach Sean Tobin.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


One of the pleasures - at least for me, believe it or not - is the traveling from one area to another for major chess tournaments. You get to play chess, you get to go sight seeing... and if you are like me you have to attempt some measure of self control when you are around the local chess book vendor!

I have driven as far as Newport Oregon to go play in a chess tournament - in addition to routinely traveling to Las Angeles, California and now Las Vegas Nevada. So when I get to go to a chess tournament that is held locally - that is a snap! Easy!! Also a lot less wear and tear on the driver too!


This fine 1920's chess set was on display at the NORTH AMERICAN OPEN - in the concession area run by the fine folks of the CHESS PALACE!

While this set is not for sale some of their Garden sets were - if you look closely at the base of this antique table you will see the tops of some fine wooden chess pieces along the base of the table. On the floor. Those pieces - and the Marble and metal garden "board" that go with it - could set you back around $4,000 dollars. But if you can afford it - and you want nothing but the best - then go for it! Someday I may even own one!

If you are ever in Los Angeles California you should visit their shop! However that is a seven hour drive - and just for a quick visit and a tournament that "weighs in at" 15 hours travel time - minimum. You can find a wide selection of fine chess equipment on their excellent website at:

But for us locals - if you like to hold what you are buying in your hands before you purchase it then you have one option in Phoenix Arizona - The CHESS EMPORIUM! There you can purchase clocks, sets and books. Where is there? Right here at:

10801 N 32nd Street
Phoenix AZ 85028

Cross streets of 32nd and Shea.

I have to avoid the chess books where-ever they are sold - that is if you want to take a look at them! Otherwise my collection grows and my back groans!!

- Chess Coach Sean Tobin.

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