My Blindfold game with Coach Joe Lafornara - by Coach Sean Tobin.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"There must have been a time when men (women or people if you will) were demi-gods - or they could not have invented chess." - Gustav Schenk

Chess is less painful and a lot more fun than Boxing... at least in my opinion!

The highest compliment a student can give their coach is a checkmate! It says it all - you have helped someone at least achieve your level of play and they are more than likely going to go on to higher levels of playing ability. Of course the initial sting can hurt the competitive pride of any player - but losing is part of the game and, eventually, every coach becomes his or her former protege's newest student - for at least one game!


Sadly this is what happens to all chess coaches someday... just ask Robby Adamson!

I did not take very many photos as the NORTH AMERICAN OPEN - but plenty of other folks sure did! Thank you Radhika! A prize photo - I was caught a bit off guard and surprised when Prateek turned our fighting pose into a knockout punch pose! Someday he - as will several of my other students - knock me out OTB! Which is rather less painful than a real knock-out!!! When those days come along - I will gladly tip my King. Being checkmated by former students is just their way of saying "Job well done, Coach!". Of course I will attempt to put that off for as long as possible! : )

Enjoy - Chess Coach Sean Tobin.

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