My Blindfold game with Coach Joe Lafornara - by Coach Sean Tobin.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Chess Game Diamond in the Rough! 11_08_2010

November 8th, 2010.

Draws can be of the boring - "Wish I hadn't seen that game." variety - you know the last round fear factor Grandmaster draw. Short and of the none game variety. Or they can be the logical result of a hard fought game - full of complexity and a full blown struggle. The game I picked for presentation today is one such game - full of fight and unheard melodies that litter the various possible variations that were not played out but remained untested or avoided. Or perhaps even dodged!

In the fourth round of the Tal Memorial I found the following game to be a very interesting struggle - one that I am still trying to figure out! It would seem - on the surface and based upon the way the game was played - that Karjakin had the advantage in the middle game and this does seem to be born out by the way the game was played between these two top notch mind warriors. Boy-o-boy were there ever some fireworks right out of the starting gate in this one folks! When you hear the name Shirov could you possibly expect anything else though?

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