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Monday, November 15, 2010

CHESS GAME DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Monday, November 15th, 2010.

One of the biggest factors that can decide the outcome of a chess game is just how willing - and of course by extension for just how long you are willing - to sit opposite your opponent with the determination to play the game out for a win. No matter how little material remains on the board. You have true fighting spirit when you try to out maneuver your opponent for the entire game - trying to wear them down by the force of your efforts. This was how Bobby Fischer used to play and I believe this is the very reason why Super Grandmaster Michael Adams won the following game.

For the majority of his game - as Black - versus the Grandmaster Alexandre Dgebuadze Michael Adams seemed to not show any hint of aggression. By Alexandre's selection of opening and by the way he conducted the white pieces it would seem to be a safe bet that all he hoped for was a draw against the World famous English GM. He set his sites far too low as to achieve a draw against a GM you must fight them every step of the way. In the opening, in the middlegame and finally in the Endgame. No where is it easier to make a mistake than in the endgame as then the true level of control or mastery over the pieces will come to the fore. And if your game is a serious chess game you will be tired from having grappled with your opponent for the hours leading up to the grand finale. Enjoy this patient and consistent performance by English Grandmaster Michael Adams*.

* This game can be considered a good guide on the reasoning behind the basic opening moves for my students - or any student of the game that should care to follow along with my commentary while playing the moves over in the Chess Flash player. The big three hold true for players of all skill levers - Control the center, develop your pieces and Keep your King safe!

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