My Blindfold game with Coach Joe Lafornara - by Coach Sean Tobin.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Hello Parents!

Thanks for tuning in... I will keep all of you updated on the local events as well as all of our Mercury Mine chess club news. As always feel free to contact me via my listed contact information and I will be more than glad to answer any and all of your chess and chess club related questions. If you have suggestions then send those my way too! If you give me a call on my personal cell and should you not be able to speak to me directly then please leave a message and I will return your phone call within 12 hours.

Please remember - as if I had to remind you! : ) - that we do not meet this week. So 10/27 is an off day for us but we will hold our next chess club meeting on the 3rd of November. If our players need an opportunity to practice this week or are feeling competitive then please do not forget about the ASCF's "HOOTENANNY" chess tournament being held at Madison Meadows - again another event in our very own back yard! For those Parents amongst you who have the time, the inclination and the interest in allowing our players to get in some high quality chess time/ practice/ fun then I have attached that ASCF event flier to the club email. I will be on the tournament site for the entire day - so for those of you that will be going I will see all of you there!

For our chess club meeting on November 3rd I will have plenty of new and even more fun chess lessons for our players. I look forward to seeing them Wednesday morning bright and early - hopefully Noah M will really not need that coffee that he is always talking about!

Make it a great day - Today and every day!
Chess Coach Sean Tobin.

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